Emerging Interiors

Emerging Interiors

Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Emerging Interiors is all about creating your ideal space. We are all about using products that are made or sourced in South Australia. We believe the more unique your home is, the more special it becomes.

We wanted to share a bit about our suppliers with you.

Butterfly Ink Designs

Terri Donnarumma is the mixed media artist behind Butterfly Ink Designs. Her prints are ideal for any modern home, or help bring that dated home a new atmosphere. If we could pick just one of our favourites from Terri's range it would be her bunnies with bright balloons. It's just the most perfect print for a new born, and especially if you're expecting but not sure what you're having, you can still decorate using the colour schemes from the prints.

Goodies Kitchen Garden

Goodies Kitchen Garden is run and operated by a lovely couple based in the Adelaide Hills. Renny who makes delicious jam, and Andrew who makes the boards, coasters and trivets well sell. Why would we choose Goodies Kitchen products? We know that these items have been carefully created to ensure you that they are the utmost best quality you can find. Each piece is unique and different, no two will ever be the same. Their materials are all sourced here in SA to ensure that you are getting the best of the best. To see more of their range, jump over to their Facebook page and when you're out and about, make sure you taste the jam!

Ink & Ivy

Watercolour prints are designed and created by Ink & Ivy artist Jessie Mitchelson. Her inspiration comes from nature to create beautiful prints for your home and nursery. Our personal favourites are the coral, we know it would look absolutely stunning in a Beach Hampton inspired home.

Kelly's Watercolour Paintings

Kelly Huddy, owner of Kelly's Watercolour Paintings creates stunning watercolour paintings, perfect for that hallway wall, bedroom, or above the console table in the dining room. One of our many favourites from Kelly's range is her giraffe, perfect for the animal lover. We think it would look just magnificent in a safari themed room.

Flowers by Natalie

We are very fortunate to have our very own florist. Natalie is able to produce gorgeous fresh flower arrangements for your home. Whether it be to entice buyers when selling your property or just as a gift.

Petal & Blume

Designer custom framed prints, creating that beautiful statement in the room.
Petal & Blume, create the most beautiful pieces. The best part about Petal & Blume is that they hire and sell their pieces. So if you're selling your property and just need a couple of big prints to complete the space, have a chat with Angelica and Georgina.

Reviresco Natural Soap

Mel the curator of natural, vegan soap, built the business Reviresco Natural Soap, to cleanse your skin and to encourage people to be eco friendly with their soapy goodness products. Here's what they DON'T have in their products to make it super amazing!
No Palm Oil, Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, Sles, EDTA, NON-GN Mel doesn't test her products on animals, and only uses the best ingredients, as natural as possible so your skin can be treated the way it was supposed to all this time.
We personally have been using Reviresco's soap for over a year now, and it makes such a difference to our skin! Our favourite line is the Persian lime soap (and body moisturiser).
Her products are also great for styling if you want to intrigue your guests with a new soap bar to try out.

SABI Adelaide Hills Designs

Cathy and Karen are the creators behind SABI Design Adelaide Hills. Their products are all about one off hand designed home decor and wood grain prints. You can find their cushions, platters and hanging planters. If you could ask us what the most popular item is of the SABI collection is, we would say without a doubt, SABI hanging planters. They are everyone's favourite as they are perfect for growing herbs to hang in your kitchen, pots made with a drainage hole to keep your plants breathing, with a unique hand painted design. Each one is unique.

Simply Sweet Crochet by KarenJ

Karen is the very talented crochet artist behind the toys. Her toys are carefully created with top of the range materials to give you the wonderful toys that everyone deserves. Karen takes custom orders, and if you see something you like, but would like it in different colours, or size, we know she would be more than happy to accommodate to your requirements.

Velvet Hippo Homewares

Jess, the designer of Velvet Hippo Homewares creates beautiful homewares items. We stock her sweet fragrant candles and stylish resin pour serving boards. Our favourite fragrance is ``French Kiss`` filled with the sweet scents of raspberry and vanilla. We believe her candles are fragranced so beautifully that you wont have to worry about burning them all the time as the scents will carry in small spaces. But if you're like us and love to burn candles to help clear the air, or welcome your guests in with a new smell, go for it!

Wild Peak Soy Candles

Linda is the candle maker that creates beautiful Australian inspired candles. Escape to the meadows and fields of lavender and Australian scents.