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Styling Your Space

If you need some help styling your place ready for sale, or just to enjoy, contact Emerging Interiors. Kate loves styling spaces, if you think your space is tricky, Kate is always up for a challenge. It could be as simple as removing a piece of furniture, or adding a couple of extra cushions.

  1. Enjoy your space, living at home, moving your furniture & decor, providing advice on what else should be in the space: $50 an hour
  2. Styling for living (partial or full rental of furniture and decor items): Starts at $1400 and exceeds $3000 for 5 week hire – this all depends on how much is involved, get a quote from us.*

Concept Design

This is 3-dimensional drawings of your space, you may already have swatches picked out, but you need guidance to narrow it down. Viewing your swatches in 3d form, can be very reassuring.

The program Emerging Interior’s uses: Sketch Up

  1. Drawing & redesign of space (includes finding new materials/ finishes): $75 an hour
  2. Drawing with your selection of finishes and dimensions of space (no design required from Emerging Interiors): $35 an hour

Inspiration Design

When you’re a little stuck on what to make work with what you have, providing you with inspiration boards (photos of other alike spaces) and selection boards (real products you can buy) can ease your mind. To have a theme right in front of you, can make your brain switch from “not sure” to “yes please!”


  1. Inspiration Boards (photos of alike spaces): $30 an hour
  2. Selection Boards (finding the right pieces to recommend to you): $45 an hour

De-cluttering & Organising

Decluttering can be a little stressful, what happens is that we get so overwhelmed by it, we leave it and usually put it off until another day when you really don’t want to sort it.

With Emerging Interiors, decluttering can be done two ways.

  1. Emerging Interiors provides you with a DIY day by day planner $85
  2. Emerging Interiors goes through your belongings and organises with you.

A minimum of 3hours work at $95 plus $35 per hour if required.

A 30-60mins consult is provided, free of charge. Identifying how much work and time is required.

As of January 2020, every client, will be charged a consultation fee of $75 for an hour appointment, this covers the brief, measuring up and photos of the space. *For styling properties to sell, if you decide to go ahead with Emerging Interiors, your $75 will be deducted from your total hire fee.